Adding Vyzn Features

The presentation is organized using views and spots. A view defines which elements of the presentation should be shown, for instance: "No Roof", "With Roof". You can switch between views by saying "next view" and "previous view", by saying a view name or using Director Controls.

A spot defines user's position in relation to the model and the model's scale, for instance: "Outside", "At the Reception". You can switch between spots by saying "next spot", "previous spot" and by saying a spot name.

Views and spots can have attributes. For instance, you can set a "sky" attribute for a view in order for the sky to be shown. Another one of the spot attributes is "menu". If set to "true", the menu is shown on air tap. If "menu" is false then air tap doesn't summon the menu.

If there are no spots or views in a presentation, Vyzn automatically creates one spot and one view containing all presentation assets.

To add a View, Spot, Movable Object or any other Vyzn feature, open your model in the 3D editor of your choice (it must support 3D object hierarchy and FBX export). Add the "Model" root element and move all 3D objects representing your model under this node. Then follow documentation to add specific features.