Creating a Presentation from a Revit Model

Revit users will need to export their model to an FBX file and process it in 3DS Max editor to see it in Vyzn:

  1. In Revit, switch to the 3D view mode.
  2. Adjust viewport to select what part of the model will be exported.
  3. Use Visibility\Graphic menu on the View tab to hide unnecessary components.
  4. Select lowest detail level among coarse, medium, and fine to minimize number of polygons in the scene.
  5. Export your presentation as an FBX file.
  6. Open the FBX file in any 3D editor of your choice supporting 3D hierarchy and FBX export.
  7. In order to avoid issues with native Autodesk materials, bake materials into a single texture atlas and replace all the materials with only one using the resulting texture so that no more than one material is used per object (UV maps should be non-overlapping).
  8. Optimize the scene per the optimization guidelines.
  9. Add desired Vyzn features.
  10. Export your presentation as an FBX file, ensuring that it is in line with the requirements.
  11. Upload the FBX file into Vyzn to generate a unique address for your presentation.
  12. In HoloLens, launch the Vyzn app and air tap "Start Session".
  13. When prompted, scan the QR code for your presentation.
  14. Launch Vyzn on all HoloLens devices you want to use and look at the code to scan it.

If your model is fairly simple (with low polygonal count), you can skip steps 8 and 9. The model will be visible inside Vyzn, however it may have exhibit some artefacts or suffer from a low frame rate (FPS).