Doing the Presentation

It is recommended that you use three devices: two for the client representatives and one for you.

  • Put on one of the devices and ensure that the small model is shown.
  • Ensure that client representatives put on the other two devices.
  • Tell them, that you are seeing the same model.
  • Propose to walk around it, looking closer and further.
  • Rotate the model.
  • Explain how the gesture works and let them try it.
  • Switch between views.
  • Explain how to do that and let them try.
  • Ask them if they want to go inside the model.
  • Go to the next spot.
  • Explain that they can walk around together and point at things.
  • Walk around together.
  • Show how to move the model (6-foot-jump).
  • Highlight that everybody can control the experience, so it’s better to coordinate.
  • Let them play​.