FBX Requirements

Export the model as a single FBX file:

  • All textures should be embedded
  • 1 unit = 1 meter
  • The length of the file name (including the embedded texture files) can not exceed 100 characters.

Please note:

  • All shaders will be automatically replaced with Unity’s “Unlit” (http://bit.ly/2hP18qx)
  • Transparency for materials is not supported other than by using “glass” and “t​​ransparent”.
  • For windows and other glass objects, ensure that the material name contains "​glass" as a separate word, delimited by spaces, and case-insensitive.
  • For transparent objects, ensure that the material name contains "t​ransparent" ​​​as a separate word, delimited by spaces, and case-insensitive.​​

​If your 3D editor doesn’t support media embedding, then you can use the free Autodesk FBX Converter utility to post-process your FBX and embed texture atlases into the FBX: