Floating Objects

Air tap and hold while lo​oking at the object and move your hand left or right to rotate it.

Air tap once on the object to start moving it. Look left, right, up and down to move the object while leaving it in its original plane. If you want to move the object further, then step further away, and the object will move with you. Step back if you want to move it back.​​ You can also move the whole scene by ​​saying "Skip forward" or "Skip back". Air tap again to position the object.​

Say "Snap object" to snap it to the closest surface behind it while moving or just gazing at it.​

Say "Reset object" when gazing at it to restore its original position.

Say "Reset the scene" to restore the original position of all objects in the scene.

Adding to a Presentation

To make an object floating, add “Floating:” to its name.