Things You Need

  • Mobile WiFi hotspot
  • HoloLens devices
  • ​​Power strip
  • Extension cord
  • Sanitizing wipes

Visit the Space

If you are doing an external presentation, then try to get there a day before the demo and do the following:

  • Connect to your WiFi mobile hotspot and check internet quality.
  • Pick a spot and organize it. Avoid black tables and other dark surfaces. It is hard for the device to see dark surfaces.
  • If you have to use a black table, the print out white sheets of paper to go on the table with company logos and demo title​. This looks professional and directs people, where to look for a small model, if you have one in your presentation and keeps people from putting things in the way where the model is supposed to be.
  • Run a test presentation using at least two devices.

Before Going There on the Demo Day

  • If other people are supposed to use voice commands, the print out a piece of paper with all of them. This is very helpful for people waiting around. It also gives something to discuss with people and train them prior to them using the devices and it looks very professional.
  • ​​Bookmark the link to the session on your phone.
  • Ensure that all HoloLens devices connect to your mobile hotspot automatically.
  • Charge the hotspot to 100%.
  • On each HoloLens:
    • Connect to the session and wait for all dialogues to go away. This downloads the model on the device, so you won't wait during the presentation.
    • Restart the device.
    • Charge the device to 100%. Note: Turn off the HoloLens after disconnecting the USB cable (otherwise, it will turn on and start draining the battery for 30 minutes).
    • Check that the sleep time is set to 30 minutes:

An Hour before the Demo

  • ​If there is a black table, put a table cloth on it or lay several sheets of paper over it.​
  • Scan the environment:
    • Spend at least one minute walking around the space and air tapping without launching any app.
    • Check that the polygon net is solid, especially around the place where you are going to position the small model and on the floor:

  • Launch Vyzn (press “+” button to access the full list of the apps, if you haven’t pinned it)​:

  • Look at the QR code (it should turn green, then go away) on all HoloLens devices:

  • When the model appears on any of the devices, air tap to place it.
  • Plug charging cables and put the devices on the edge of the table.
  • Enable kiosk mode on all devices to prevent users from unintentionally exiting the app (say "Kiosk mode off" to be able to exit and/or restart the app)​.