PyMOL Vyzn Plugin

Vyzn plugin for PyMOL app allows you to get any of the thousands of publicly available protein molecules that can be found at onto HoloLens for a multi-user experience within a minute. You can also get onto HoloLens any other PDB protein molecule.

This is the process of getting the model onto HoloLens, given that PyMOL app and the plugin are installed:

  1. Launch the PyMOL app.
  2. Load a model into the PyMOL app.
  3. Invoke the Vyzn plugin to export the model and create a Vyzn presentation.
  4. Start a Vyzn session to get a QR code.
  5. Launch the Vyzn app on HoloLens and scan the code.

How to Install the Plugin

Before installing the plugin ensure that you have PyMOL app installed. You can get either a version from Schrödinger or an open source one.

  • Download the plugin for Windows-x64 or Linux-x64.
  • Extract anywhere.
  • Launch PyMOL app.
  • In PyMOL's menu pick "Plugin"->"Initialize Plugin System".
  • In PyMOL's menu pick PyMol "Plugin"->"Plugin Manager"->"Install New Plugin" (tab)->"Choose file" (button).
  • In the dialog choose "" from the extracted folder.
  • If you are on a Linux platform:
    • Copy the path from the first dialog.
    • Type in the terminal type: chmod +x {path from previous step}/PyMOL-Vyzn-Plugin-Linux-x64/data/VRML2FBX
  • Press "OK" for all dialogs.
  • Close "Plugin Manager".

How to Get a Protein Model onto HoloLens

Install PyMOL app and the plugin before following this instruction.

  • Launch PyMOL app.
  • In PyMOL's menu pick "File"->"Get PDB...".
  • Paste "1bl8" in the "PDB ID" field and press "Download" button.
  • In PyMOL's menu pick "Plugin"->"Le​gacy Plugins"->"Export to Vyzn".
  • Wait for the browser window to open, showing the Vyzn progress bar.
  • Wait for the progress bar to reach 100%.
  • Press "Start Session" to get a QR code.
  • Launch Vyzn app on as many HoloLens devices as you want to participate in the shared session.
  • On each HoloLens, wait for the QR scanner to appear.
  • Look at the code to join the session.

Get IDs for tens of thousands of molecules at