Starting Presentation

  1. Ensure that all HoloLens devices are connected to the internet.
  2. Open the presentation page on your phone, PC or a tablet and press "Start Session" to see a QR code.
  3. Launch the Vyzn app on a device, wait for the scanner rectangle to appear and look at the code.
  4. As soon as the sca‚Äčnner rectangle goes away, indicating that the code is recognized, you are connected.
  5. Wait for various dialogues to disappear and the model to appear.
  6. Air tap to position the model.
  7. Launch the app on other devices and look at the code to connect to the session.
  8. You will see the model after a brief synchronization process.

Keep the link to the page with the QR code if you want to skip positioning the model in this space in the future. Note that the QR code is associated with this space and can't be used in other spaces.