Voice Commands

To disconnect from the session and bring back the QR code scanner: ​

  • Say "Disconnect".

To switch between spots:

  • Say "Next spot".
  • Say “Previous spot”.
  • Say the name of the spot (see Spots).

Switch between views:

  • Say "Next view".
  • Say "Previous view".
  • Say the name of a view (see Views)​​.

For moving and floating objects (can be disabled, see Spots):

  • Say "Reset object" or "Reset the object" when gazing at an object to reset its position and orientation.
  • Say "Reset scene" or "Reset the scene" to reset position and orientation of all movable objects.
  • Say "Snap object" to snap the object to the surface behind it (floating objects only).

Moving the scene (availability depends on the spot's settings, see Spots):

  • Say "Skip forward" to skip approximately 6 feet (2 meters forward) forward.
  • Say "Skip back" to skip approximately 6 feet (2 meters forward) backwards.

Movement, rotation, rolling:

  • Say "Move <a number> <millimeter|centimeter|meter|inch|foot> <left|right|further|closer|up|down>".
  • Say "Rotate [clockwise|counterclockwise]".
  • Say "Roll [forward|backwards]".


  • Say "<Expand|shrink> [slightly]".
  • Say "Reset scale" to revert to the scale of the scene right after it was positioned for the first time.
  • Say "Default scale" to revert to the scene's original scale, assuming that the metric unit system was used.

Floor level adjustment affects the scene only if the model is positioned on the floor:

  • "Lower the floor” or "Lower floor".
  • "Raise the floor” or "Raise floor".

You can disable bloom gesture to prevent accidently exiting the app:

  • Say "disable bloom".
  • Say "enable bloom".

To prevent recognition of random gestures and voice commands, you can disable them with the help of the commands:

  • "Disable voice and gestures"
  • "Enable voice and gestures"

Exiting the application:

  • "Exit application"

Vyzn recognizes the names of the views and spots in the presentation and generates voice commands automatically.