Create HoloLens Content without Writing Code
Zengalt Vyzn lets you create and run augmented reality (AR) applications quickly and easily without requiring any specialized programming expertise. No need to use Unity or Visual Studio. With Vyzn, you can build highly immersive and interactive scenes that run on HoloLens. For example, you can build an interactive hologram of a machine tool to train operators, or overlay your NavisWorks model with the construction site to detect conflicts. Vyzn makes it easy to turn your existing 3D Content/vyzn_assets into a multi-user HoloLens presentation and add interactions such as animations, views, spots, movable and floating objects, labels, voice-overs and more. Vyzn does not require specialized expertise beyond 3D editing skills and you can design the experience in a 3D editor of your choice.
  • Sports and Auto
  • Education
  • Museums
  • Municipalities
  • Developers and 3D Artists
  • Architects
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Turn a 3D Model into a Presentation
Export your model as an FBX file.
Upload the FBX file to Vyzn and get a unique link to your presentation.
Launch the presentation by opening the Vyzn app and scanning the QR code.
Share the experience with other HoloLens users inside your unique session.
Use Your Favorite 3D Editor
To create a Vyzn presentation, use any 3D authoring tool as long as it capable of FBX export including, but not limited to, Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, Revit, Fusion, Modo, Cinema 4D, Blender, LightWave, and SketchUp.
Add Interactions
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Co-located and Remote Shared Experience
When creating a presentation, you can choose between virtual objects being placed at the same spot in one room,
or allowing individual placement on each HoloLens.
Control the Experience from Your Mobile Phone, PC or a Tablet
Vyzn Director Controls allow you to:
  • Be in control or let your audience explore on their own
  • Set who can use voice commands and gestures
  • Manage the experience while the audience uses all your devices
  • Identify connected devices w/ connection confirmation
To Launch the Presentation in Offline Mode
“Quick Start”
Tap on
“Add presentation”
Scan QR code
of the presentation
After the loading process is complete, you can load the presentation from the list offline whenever you need it.
You must have an internet connection while adding the presentation.